New Hampshire to La Paz

Our trip to New Hampshire and the subsequent three weeks are not much to write about, in terms of a fun and exciting cruising blog.  Hopefully a lot of pictures will distract you from the uninspired lameness of this entry.

In brief, my father was very sick and our entire visit was consumed with worry and trying to help as treatment was established. I left there not knowing if treatment would be successful or not – very tough to go. It was actually quite good that we were there to help out and be with them through the beginning of this difficult time..  As of now, my Dad seems to be responding to his treatment and heading for a cure.

NH Dad House
My Dad and the gorgeous house he built.
NH Barn Tree
The octagonal barn, also designed and built by my Dad.
NH Turtle
Snapping turtle roaming around rural NH
NH Plaid Pickup
Not two weeks in NH and I’m already wearing flannel plaid and driving a pick up truck
NH Mom pedi
While it was not the trip any of us had hoped it would be, Mom and I did get to enjoy cushy pedicures one afternoon.
NH Packing
Packing up all the supplies we’d ordered to bring back down with us
NH Jonny mows
Jonny kindly volunteered to mow my parents’ lawn

We were also returning to La Paz with a hurricane coming straight for us.LP Blanca

LP Wall o TP
This much toilet paper might cover the shit we’re going through!

We had much work to do to prepare Summer. Luckily hurricane Blanca did not have much punch here (just a lot of wind that covered everything with dirt, inside and out). My friend Meagan wrote a great description of our hurricane experience here at the marina – I won’t even try to improve upon this:

Here’s my little video from hurricane day:

LP Hurricane dirt
This is what Summer looked like outside and inside…hurricane dirt everywhere!


Once we survived Blanca, Jonny headed up to be with his family to attend to some unexpected family business. I stayed behind at the marina in La Paz.

LP Jonny Chedraui hats
Jonny fitting in with the locals at the grocery store


When we were away, our friend Rob passed away. I’ve mentioned Rob and Lynne on Aldebaran, who we met in Chacala and Mazatlan. We last visited with them in La Paz before we went away. This was very sad news in our overabundance of times. I was glad to be able to see Lynne and share some cries and laughs. She is an amazing and courageous woman and I hope we run into her again after hurricane season.Lynne Jenn La Fonda

Twelve days on my own in La Paz weren’t so bad. I got to hang out with some friends, find a new taco shop, do a bunch of boat projects (yes I still love organizing!), begin provisioning (once we leave here, provisions will be slim pickins’) and have a daily exercise routine in the nice clean lap pool at the marina.

Nikka Resolute
Boat dog Nikka aboard Resolute with Meagan and Erik
Pinche Adolfo
I got a free hat at my new favorite taco shop: “Pinches Tacos” – kindly translated onto their hats,

LP Temps


Jonny has returned and we have been preparing for our trek up north.  Much to do in terms of shading the boat properly (it makes a huge difference!) and provisioning (not much available where we’re goin). Seems to be a busy hurricane season, so we are hoping to be able to dodge them along the way. Stay tuned for more real adventures soon!!!

LP fonatur sunset

Wall o Mayo
The majority of the items in this aisle are MAYONNAISE. That’s right – see the long yellow section? That’s all ONE brand of mayonnaise, there’s many other brands beyond that. There is no translation into Spanish for “Hold the mayo”.