All Aboard!

In the past month we’ve had three grueling yard sales, countless Craig’s List ads, many friends carting off bins and one final big trip to the donation center.  That’s all it takes to erase the last 14 years of this land-based life.  Everything we need (and, surprisingly, more) is neatly stowed away in all of Summer’s magically ginormous lockers and cubbies.  I’d say the only space that seems less than super-adequate is the refrigerator (those who know me will not be surprised by this).  It’s packed to the tippy top.  We are finishing up some final projects and stowage today, and we will begin our journey South tomorrow.

“Stuff” purging aside, the past few weeks have been a whirlwind of visits and “bon voyages”.  It has only recently started hitting me just how many beloved people will be missed as we sail off into the sunset.

Of course my parent’s unconditional support – moral and material (for every crazy thing I’ve ever done…) has been a huge help in getting to this point. My sister’s recent visit helped ground me and make some clearer decisions and Adin helped me laugh again (it had been a while!).

I am SO grateful for the amazing local friends supporting and helping us.  It began with a wonderful Italian dinner with Van and Susan, joined by Steve and Jeanne.  Fun BBQ with Matt and Kendall. Delicious home cooking at Bob and Amy’s (and a boat-delivered dinner!). An amazing BBQ party thrown by John and Melanie (and the painfully adorable Lucca) – with Karine, Marina, Laura Laura & John, Diane & Patrick, Jon & Jacqueline, Daniel, Colin (Dr. F), Lisa-Ann, Matt & Kendall, Peter& Julie.  Larry and Amber took us to our favorite Thai place. One last lunch with my sweet surrogate parents, Avi and Celia and another with my beloved Karine. Yard sale moral support on the hardest day (and stuff-taking!!) from Sarah and Marlene. On-going visits, veggies/eggs and support by Deanna (and kisses from Yuki and Tofu).  Constant support and check-ins by Leslie.  Advice, dinner, lunch, boat washing and marathon laundry project…Laura Laura and John. Advice and support from Jeff and Anne.  All the new and interesting people we met at our yard sales (Jill & Ken, Danni!).  Looking forward to a few more visits before we go – Sharleen and Jon, and whomever else might show up today or tomorrow.  Lindsey will (somehow) get our car today so she can deliver it down to Zac and Renee’s for us.  Of course all the people we’ve worked with over the years that really made this whole thing possible, too!!  Very thankful for everyone in our lives.

I hope we have some interesting stories and pictures soon.mystspot                      Shantytown